Kristine Kathryn Rusch
Victory (Volume 5 of The Fey)
Bantam Spectra 1998

This is the fifth book of "The Fey". If you haven't read "The Resistance", don't read any further.

Luke and a few of his friends in the local resistance movement against the Fey rule launch an attack on a stock of blood pouches in a barn. Burning blood pouches turns out to have an amazing effect on magical people, Fey and Islanders. Rugad, ruling from the royal castle in Jahn, feels it. Close to the Place of Power over Constant in the Cliffs Blood, his Enchanter Boteen is struck even worse. But it also effects the Islander Enchanters Matthias, down in Constant, and Coulter, in the Place of Power, waiting in the company of King Nicholas of the Blue Island, his son Gift and daughter Arianna, and a few other friends. Time for the ultimate clash between the Fey forces and the last Islander resistance, time to end the war.

And a good end it is, I think. We know a lot about Fey magick, but nobody's very good at the Islander type. Or is it so different from that of the Fey? The answers are to be found in the writings of the Roca. Not the Words Written as they were known in the Tabernacle in Jahn, but the original writings, preserved in a room under Constant. The question is: will the Islanders learn to accept each other, working together, and will they learn their magick in time to withstand Rugad's attack. In just a few days, the future of the world will be decided.

The fourth volume of 'The Fey', 'The Resistance', I didn't think was as good as the previous ones, but now Ms. Rusch has returned in really good shape, if you ask me. This is an excellent book. Before I read it, I was not at all happy to the news that there will be a sequel series called 'The Black Throne' about what happened to Gift, Arianna and Coulter later on. Why can't writers say enough is enough? But after finishing this book, I realized that I really wanted to know more, although I'm still more interested in what happened before (in the days of the Roca) than in what happened afterwards.

Karl Henriksson

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