Kristine Kathryn Rusch
The Resistance (Volume 4 of The Fey)
Bantam Spectra 1997

This is the fourth book of "The Fey". If you haven't read "The Rival", don't read any further.

Jahn is in ruins. The Shadowlands of the first Fey invasion is completely destroyed. Almost all resistance has ceased. Rugad, the Black King of the Fey, rules almost all of the Blue Isle, should be satisfied. But he still hasn't found what he came for: his great-grandchildren, fathered by the Blue Isle's King Nicholas are still out of his grasp. Gift, raised by first invasion Fey, are hiding with his companions Leen, Scavenger, Coulter and Adrian, moving towards the remotest area of the isle: the Cliffs of Blood. Arianna, traveling with her father and the Shaman of the first Fey invasion, are also heading in that direction. Where Matthias already is, organizing his resistance against the Fey king, trying to find weapons in the Words Written and Unwritten to fight the magic - just as Roca himself had done sometime in the past. Where magic is stronger than anywhere else on the isle, and where even open-minded readers will find surprises.

When we come the fourth book in a series, we usually know quite well what we'll get. That's the case here. The fourth book is quite similar to the previous. The same characters, mostly, the same way of writing, the same way of developing and revealing the plot - but also new surprises, just like in the previous books. But there are fewer surprises in this book than in the previous, and one of the most charming things about this series has always been its capacity to surprise. What we have left is still very good - interesting characters, portraited with more shades than the traditional fantasy black and white, an interesting world with interesting magic, good action plotting and, not unimportant, the very interesting search for the roots of the Blue Isle culture and religion in historical facts long since forgotten or changed into something completely different. A search which is the key to resist the Black King and change the future of the Blue Isle - and all of the Fey empire.

Karl Henriksson

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