Terry Goodkind
Stone of Tears (Volume 2 of The Sword of Truth
Tor Books 1995

This is the second book of the Sword of Truth-trilogy. If you haven't read "Wizard's First Rule", don't read any further.

The day after Richard, Kahlan and their friends saved the world, they discover that the danger now is bigger than ever, because now the enemy is the Keeper of the Dead himself. And he sends creatures of death, and changelings, to kill our heroes, while Richard is at the Palace of the Prophets to learn to control his magical abilities.

I didn't enjoy this book very much. What's bad in "Wizard's First Rule" is even worse in this book, and the good things in that book are less good in this. There are some interesting places, for example The Palace of the Prophets, and there are some interesting ideas, but often Mr Goodkind is using far to big effects for his own good. Hundreds of raped women aren't necessarily more scary than one; the effect can be quite the opposite. And to have a grand finale at the end of every book is absolutely to overdo it. The universe he creates isn't a fantastic reality but an empty shell with gigantic effects.

Karl Henriksson

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