J.V. Jones
A Man Betrayed (Volume 2 of The Book of Words)
Warner Aspect 1996

This is the second part of the Book of Words-trilogy. If you haven't read "The Baker's Boy", don't read any further.

While Maybor and Baralis are on their way to Bren to arrange the marriage between prince Kylock and Catherine, daughter of the duke of Bren, Kylock murders his father. Thereby the political pros and cons of the marriage changes.

Jack, Melli, Kylock, Maybor, Baralis, Tawl, Nabber, Tavalisk and, of course, Grift and Bodger are all involved in the intriguing story, where the scenery has changed from Harvell to Bren.

I liked "The Baker's Boy", but in "A Man Betrayed" the story is getting even better. In my review of the first book, I said the story was a bit predictable. Well, in this book Jack falls in love - and not with Melli! Melli is getting married! And Tavalisk is on a diet... But the women are as promiscuous as ever. Not even chastity belts can stop that.

But the best thing about this book are all the political intrigues, where everyone in some ways are allied with the friends of his enemies, sort of. Intricate, and very complicated. I have no idea how all this is going to be solved in the third book. Only that the world's greatest magician, known as Jack, the baker's boy, will have an important role in the stopping of Kylock's evil empire.

Karl Henriksson

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