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As years pass by, works that once was regarded as masterpieces fall into oblivion. Only a precious few will still be read and loved generations after they were written. Those few have - hardened by time - moved beyond good and bad, beyond literary criticism and political correctness to a position of respect. Writers like David Eddings, Robert Jordan and Tad Williams - whatever qualities their novels might have, they still haven't reached this stage. Maybe they will, maybe they won't. Only time can tell.

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Richard Adams

Originally published as late as 1972, and more rabbits than magic - but despite this without a doubt a fantasy classic. And rightfully so. Lately, Mr Adams has returned to the rabbits and published a collection of stories called "Tales from Watership Down", which got mixed reviews.

Watership DownHardcover
Watership DownHardcover Large Print
Watership DownPaperback

Robert E. Howard

Howard's Conan-stories - the original Sword & Sorcery stories - were originally published in pulp magazines in the U.S. in the 30's, mostly in Weird Tales. In the 60's they were collected by L. Sprague de Camp who published them in anthologies with his own Conan stories. Other people have written about Conan too - writers like Lin Carter and Robert Jordan. Some of them may have written better stories - better in every possible way - but Howard's Conan is still the original, the classic. Nobody can take that from Howard: he created Conan, a fantasy barbarian who conquered not only his own world but also our. Through books, movies, comics, he has now become part of the general knowledge. Unfortunately, the books seem to be out-of-print right now. But they will be reprinted, no doubt.

Ursula K. LeGuin

Although originally published as late as 1968 to 1972, this fantasy trilogy about the wizard Ged is an undisputed classic, well worth reading for people of all ages. "Tehanu" is a fourth, and quite different, novel set in the same world. It was published in 1990 and is not considered a classic like the original trilogy.

A Wizard of EarthseaLibrary Binding
A Wizard of EarthseaPaperback
The Tombs of AtuanLibrary Binding
The Tombs of AtuanPaperback
The Farthest ShoreLibrary Binding
The Farthest ShorePaperback
The Farthest ShoreAudio Cassettes

Fritz Leiber

The short stories about Fafhrd and Grey-Mouser and life in and around the city of Lankhmar are some of the most read and loved of all sword & sorcery stories. Adventures with a good heart and a good laugh. Recently republished in a four-book series.

Ill Met in LankhmarPaperback
Lean Times in LankhmarHardcover
Lean Times in LankhmarPaperback
Return to LankhmarHardcover
Return to LankhmarPaperback
Farewell to LankhmarHardcover

C. S. Lewis

Mervyn Peake A classical and very original trilogy.

The Gormenghast NovelsTrade Paperback

J.R.R. Tolkien

T. H. White One of the most famous - and most excentric - retellings of the Arthurian legends. Also the basis of the Disney movie "The Sword in the Stone". The Book of Merlin - the fifth, posthumously published, part of the cycle - isn't included in "The Once and Future King" one-volume editions.

The Once and Future KingHardcover
The Once and Future KingTrade Paperback
The Once and Future KingPaperback
The Sword in the StoneHardcover
The Sword in the StonePaperback
The Book of MerlinTrade Paperback
The Book of MerlinPaperback

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