Jane Routley
Fire Angels
Avon Books 1998

This book is the sequel to Mage Heart. If you haven't read that book, don't read any further.

Dion - also known as the Demonslayer of Gallia - now works as a humble healer in a remote village close to the border of Moria, her home country. Her life is in many ways simple. She talks to the Wanderers, remnants of a magical people whose home country was destroyed by a demon one-hundred years ago in what's known to history as Smazor's Run, and entertains a secret love affair with a younger son of the local lord. But one day her life changes abruptly. On her doorstep stand two men she haven't seen in a long, long time. Two of her half-brothers. They want her help in the search of her lost half-sister, who has probably been taken by the Burning Light sect that rules Moria. Rumours tell the Burning Light church has been up to even fouler things than usual: necromancy. Now, they've been proclaimed heretic by the Patriarch and the Holy States and Gallia are both putting together armies to conquer their chaos-ruled neighbour. The question is: will they attack each other before or after they've faced the supposed necromancer.

This second book about Dion came as a total surprise to me. I found the end of the first one satisfactory, and neither hoped nor waited for a sequel. And now here it is. Is it any good, then? It's not a bad book, but it lacks something of what made "Mage Heart" such an entertaining book. Romantic court intrigues and Kitten Avignon's courtisans have been replaced by travelling in desolate places and war. The finer shades of the former book has been replaced by more blasting effects of demonic evilry and magical warfare. In short, this is more like your average fantasy novel with a dose of explicit love-making and a couple of demons thrown in for good measure. Read it, but don't expect the same thrill as "Mage Heart" gave.

Karl Henriksson

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