Katharine Kerr
A Time of Exile (Book 5 in the Deverry-series)
Doubleday 1991

Katharine Kerr
A Time of Omens (Book 6 in the Deverry-series)
Doubleday 1992

Katharine Kerr
Days of Blood and Fire (Book 7 in the Deverry-series)
Doubleday 1993

Katharine Kerr
Days of Air and Darkness (Book 8 in the Deverry-series)
Doubleday 1994

These books are volume 5 to 8 in the Deverry-series. If you haven't read book 1 to 4, don't read any further.

When Jill more than 30 years after her departure returns to Rhodry, she is an old woman, and a mighty magician at that, while Rhodry still looks like a young man, half-elf as he is. To avoid any suspicion of elf blood, he decides to "die" and secretly escape to the Westlands, where the elves live. But in the Westlands, evrything isn't alright. There are troubles with elementar spirits and the mystical Guardians.

The Guardians are very mighty magical beings, living in an etherical never-neverland. When other beings were born into the world, they chose not to, and now their world is falling apart. They are getting more and more involved in "our" world as their leader falls in love with an elf woman - and his ex-wife goes mad!

These books are not as good as the first four books in the series. The story-telling is more traditional, with one great story and one great threat against the world as we know it and not that many jumps back and forth between past and present. That's bad, because the stories of the past are usually the best.

Another reason why the first books are more fun, are the Guardians. I don't like them at all. They somewhat destroy the realistic feeling, which I enjoyed very much. And Mrs Kerr is better in describing celts than elves.

Now it may seem like I didn't like these books. Well, I did, and I am eagerly awaiting the final books (9 to 12). It's just that the first four books were amazingly, fantastically, uniquely good, and these are just good stories well told. There is a difference in quality, but these are also sincerely recommended.

Karl Henriksson

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